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WIL FILM is a production company and 3d animation studio with almost 20 years of experience. We are one of the leading companies within our niche in Denmark.

We are passionate creators of quality entertainment for young audiences around the world, that we happily create and develop from our studio based in Copenhagen.  Over the years we have created all kinds of projects.

We started creating TV commercials back in 2002 but over time have gotten into short films that have become acclaimed feature films plus series, engaging with great collaborators on the way.

Together with our clients we have created series that have been aired internationally such as Ninjago and  Playmobil Novelmore among others.

Internationally acclaimed series, feature films, short films, and commercials is what WIL FILM is about.  9 seasons of the outstanding TV series ‘Ninjago: Masters of Spinjitzu’ with 102 episodes and several ‘LEGO Star Wars’ productions are under our umbrella. As well as the feature film ‘Otto is a Rhino’ –from the film trilogy produced in collaboration with Crone Film– winner of the Best Animated Feature Award at Chicago CFF 2013.

the studio

Our studio is the primary home where our ideas, events, creativity, productivity, and at times struggles are formed. Always leading to great success.

The old redbrick factory building BOPA HOUSE accommodates WIL FILM and acts as the strong base for our worldwide operations. Placed in lovely Østerbro –Copenhagen– conveniently close to great restaurants and just up the street to the cozy “Bopa Plads”, featuring a couple of our favourite places to spend a little time after work with the colleagues.

The studio is infused with state of the art IT infrastructure, ensuring a fast, stable and ever-running environment for our artists. Our servers and renderfarm are conveniently placed off-site at high-end data centers, allowing us to easily and safely expand to meet production needs. The primary software foundation is based on Autodesk Maya, The Foundry Nuke and the Adobe Packages (Photoshop, Premiere).

The building is also conveniently shared with our long time collaborators: the leading Sound Effects & Music company JAM and the Post Production studio CAMEO.

“Animation is not the art of drawings that move, but the art of movements that are drawn.”

– Norman McLaren -


CRUX is WIL FILM’s proprietary production system.

The system controls how data flows into, within and out of our studio. CRUX is present in all steps of our productions & operations for everybody involved, internally and externally. It helps strengthen and define our workflows.

CRUX continuously guides our artists in their work, providing them with the materials and info they need. Once they complete their task it helps to ensure that their work is prepared for the next steps in the production, ensuring stability in the production chain. Many of the more trivial tasks are handled by CRUX, allowing the artists to instead focus on the creative tasks that they do so well.

The system provides our production personnel with realtime view of a project’s status, allowing them to have an overview at any given time over the overwhelming amount of info that is needed in projects of the nature we are running. CRUX facilitates massive portions of the communication with both our clients and sub-vendors enabling clients and supervisors to evaluate elements of the production whenever and wherever.

The CRUX system never sleeps. When the lights go out and our crew leaves the studio, the system continues to handle the exchange of information and data in and out of the company, ensuring that once the crew gets back the next morning, content is already made available, enabling our productions to span across the world with a minimum impact on turnaround and productivity.

The dedicated Development Team at WIL FILM is continuously watching over worldwide technology developments, while constantly consulting with the crew about production wishes and adapting to the ever changing production needs. Providing a system that is tailored to the needs of the studio and our productions.

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