2D Animated short directed and written by Jakob Maqe. Produced at WIL FILM in 2012.

Synopsis: ”Tupilaq” is a very personal short film revolving around the themes of cultural alienation, abuse and the contrast between mythological nature and western culture. ”Tupilaq” gives us a heart breaking peek into a traditional Greenlandic background in contrast to the western society. The film uses the tupilaq as a symbol of both, the spirit of a forefather and a curse.

”Tupilaq” has received 2 1st. Prizes, has been highlighted at SUNDANCE – 2015 and has been officially selected at multiple festivals. To find out more about it, browse the AWARDS AND FESTIVALS section below.

For more information on the film please check the “Tupilaq” website.

Genre: 2D Animation. Drama.

Trailer: Tupilaq