”Otto er et Næsehorn” – ”Otto is a Rhino”

Directed by Kenneth Kainz  (Denmark) in 2013. Scripted by Rune Schjøtt and co-directed by Erik Schmidt, the feature film is based on the classic children’s book from Danish author Ole Lund Kirkegaard.

Produced by Nina Crone –CRONE FILM– and Erik Wilstrup –WIL FILM–.

Synopsis: Kirkegaard’s 1972 story is about a boy: Topper, who misses his father and is bored stiff during the summer holidays until he finds a magic pencil. When he draws a rhino on the wall, it comes to life. Named Otto, the rhino is well fed with brown bread and raspberry soda before it devours all the furniture.

Genre: Animated film for kids age 5.

”Otto is a Rhino” won the ”Best Animated Feature” category at the Chicago International Children’s Film Festival – 2013 and was selected the ”Most Popular Danish Children’s Film” at the SVEND Prizes – 2013. To find out more about it, browse the AWARDS AND FESTIVALS section below.