Jimmi Gravesen

Jimmi Gravesen


Graduated from Bournemouth University in England with a BA (Hons) in 3D Animation And Visualization at the National Center For Computer Animation. Jimmi has since then worked 3 years as a software developer in the Research and Development department at The Moving Picture Company in London, developing various tools and techniques for use in the creation of VFX for films and commercials.

Titles Jimmi worked on during his time at MPC:  “10.000 BC”, “Narnia : Prince Caspian”, “Wolfman”, “Harry Potter and The Half Blood Prince”, “Prince of Persia” and  “Clash of the Titans”.  After moving back to his native country, Jimmi worked as a software freelancer and technical consultant. Among his clients were Exotic Matter (working on the fluidsolver software Naiad) and Copenhagen Bombay (helping out on the animated feature “The Great Bear”).

Jimmi is now working at WIL FILM building up our pipeline and technical systems, acting a role as “Head of Technology”.