For WIL FILM, 2016 has been a year at full speed, working along with the big ones from the Animation Industry. Here are some of the 2016 year highlights!

During 2016 our shorts “TUPILAQ”, “THREE FOOLS” and “DIGITAL ROMANCE” have been shortlisted and awarded for their creativity and quality in numerous international film festivals. Our youngest, “DIGITAL ROMANCE” was finalised in January and has since then been selected in major Scandinavian and International festivals. Our short has also recently won Best Animation award at the November LA Film Awards festival.

“THREE FOOLS” has been awarded in Europe – Barcelona, Paris and Berlin– and In LA (USA) and has recently been invited by The International Children’s Media Center in Chicago (USA) to be considered at their top festivals and programs for 2017. “THREE FOOLS” is also on its way to Tokyo and continue setting up and example to kids aged 3 to 6 from all over the world on how valuable friendship is, and how our relations will affect our ability to take care of the only home we have, planet Earth.

In April, WIL FILM had the privilege of welcoming legendary Concept Artist, Academy and BAFTA award winner Doug Chiang. Doug, visited our studio bringing the best of his experience and revolutionary ideas to WIL FILM Production Design professionals. Now, THAT was inspiring! Doug is an incredible artist and an excellent person.

In June, the first season (13 episodes) of the animated TV series “The Freemaker Adventures” had his its debut on Disney XD worldwide and is now being referred to as “The best Animated Series ever made” at IMDB reviews.

Since 2011 WIL FILM has produced 6 seasons of the Animated TV series Ninjago: Masters of Spinjitzu. The 7th Season of the Ninja saga The Hands of Time–  was delivered during 16, and the Hageman Brothers visited our studio in October. So Ninjago fans, stay tuned!

Our commercial department had yet another year with a good number of films produced for the world market.

2016 has also been the year where we have started up new initiatives to develop content of our own with a strong focus on story-telling. A cross-media initiative in collaboration with BLM has been going on since spring and various tittles are already in process.

So, goodbye to the year of goodbyes and welcome to our life 2017, we’ll be ready to handle your challenges!!!