We are proud to present our latest animated short “DIGITAL ROMANCE”, written & directed by Michael Helmuth Hansen and produced at WIL FILM in 2016.

“Kane Skullhead” the main character of a computer game can suddenly feel a beat inside his chest that will start a chase of life and death, which will eventually reach beyond his own world and have him collide with the world of a beautiful ballerina.

As a former 2D artist Director Michael H. Hansen wanted to combine the old look of traditional hand drawn animation with the new look of 3D movies. With “Digital Romance”, the director’s only hope is that the short will be distinctive amongst the many 3D productions out there.

“The audience should see the artist behind the CGI; pulling the 3D out of the characters and the environment, giving it a more flat and illustrated look. The acting has to be simple and believable, referencing reality rather than existent animation.” M.H.H.

A trailer of “DIGITAL ROMANCE” is available at the Related project below.