We had the privilege of welcoming the Hageman brothers at Wil Film. The Hollywood screenwriters whose scripts include “Hotel Transylvania”, “Ninjago: Masters of Spinjitzu” –LEGO animated TV series produced by Wil Film– and “The LEGO Movie” visited the Wil Film premises last week.

During 2 days not only “Ninjago” talk went on but also a good amount of entertainment. Listening to Kevin and Dan Hageman was like watching a movie; from their ongoing cozy rivalry from a “hard hat & hammers” childhood, unpaid internships and terrible Goonies, against all odds patient Kevin and sky rocket Dan got to their present doing what they do best together, tell stories.

Since 2011 the Hageman brothers have been writing the scripts for “Ninjago: Masters of Spinjitzu”, that’s probably one of the reasons why a 44-minute special conceived to launch a Ninjas toy line for LEGO turned out to be –episode after episode– a smash hit for LEGO and Cartoon Network

A truly inspiring journey together with two passionate artists that don’t give success for granted and are always ready to start from scratch… perhaps that’s why we understood each other so well?

See you next time 🙂